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I figured out how to pick things up.  Nice game, just a little too short.  It would be great if it was a bit longer.

HOW do you pick things up (i.e. Key, etc.)??

Thought the build up was good, but "grandma" didn't have that scare factor. Liked the presentation though. As a side note, I did encounter a bug where the password didn't appear on the bedroom wall, but just looked it up to get it.

Here's the PART 2

Here's my video :))) :D

Hola amigos, needs a little work but a couple of very good jumpscares! Enjoy the video and let me know your thoughts. EVIL GRANDMA | Grandma's House  

the trolls XD 


I do enjoy me some jumpscares every now and then, and this game sure did deliver! 

Thanks for playing !

Needs some Work and animations a little short but its a playable game which cant be said for alot of indie horror game so good job for your first

Thanks for your kind words. Because this was my first game, I'm taking this a great experience at learning how to make games. 

Hey guys, Bill of RATED EXP here! This game was pretty fun, albeit very tropey. It was a little glitchy, graphically not impressive, but the jumpscares were pretty decent. All in all, not a bad game, but nothing impressive either. A fun and short experience worth the time if you're bored. 

Thank you for your kind words :) Lets just say it was my first game, and being one man game studio is not easy :D

Hehe, it is a learning experience, that is for sure, and considering it was your first fully developed game, it is still pretty darn good! I think there's room for improvement for sure, but your jumpscares were spot on, and that atmosphere wasn't half bad either! All the best, @Bioman, and I hope we see more from you in the future <3!

this game was awesome! i loved it! grandma was very creepy haha! good job on creating this!

Thanks for playing the game :)

What's up everyone? My name is Slester, I played the game and it was decent. I don't want to give spoilers but I wish stuff happened in bathroom was little bit more scary maybe a jump scare or something would have been good. But anyways in overall it was a decent game, here is my gameplay video hope you guys will enjoy it!


Huge thanks for playing the game :)

No problem!

Hi there! The game was pretty fun, I enjoyed playing through it. It even spooked me a couple of times (the clown painting). A little on the short side but there's nothing wrong with that. 

I hope you don't mind but I made a small let's play video of the game. 

I wish you luck with whatever projects you undertake next! 


HUGE THANKS for playing the game :) 

i havent played the game yet but i wanted to ask if there were any epilepsy warnings? flashing lights and whatnot? please and thank you!

there are flickering lights like in all horror games, but besides that nothing else

Quite fun, with a few creepy moments. Grandma's model could be a little spookier though, ha.


Thanks for playing :) It was my first game so I it lacked everything :D

This was fun, like an old school haunted house at a fun park, looking around for whatever is going to jump out next.  That clown  Nice work on your first horror game.  

Thanks for playing my first game and making a video out of it  :)

hi, thx for your game. looks very good but i have a problem to type the code on the laptop. what can i do ? greetz

Thanks for finding a bug. The code is typed by using the numpad, and even though typed code isin't showing it is inserted. I'll realease bug fixed version tommorow (12-15 hours from this reply)

hi, thx but with the numpad on my laptop it doesn't work

it should work, you'll hear safe opening sound if code is written correctly

thx, i gonna test it :)